We Offer the Best Security Solutions in Kenya

Security Guard Services

The guards undergo a six weeks intensive training course in the capable hands of qualified trainers, under the direct supervision of the Managing Director.

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarms are not only the number one solution of preventing attacks on your property but
also means of protecting your possessions and the occupants too.

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Canine K9 Unit

Radar has invested heavily in making the Canine Unit efficient and fully functional. We have patrol dogs that always come with a handler.We also have Bomb and Narcotics Detector Dogs (Sniffers) that are trained in Denmark.

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Surveillance and Monitoring

Radar Guards are well equipped with necessary gadgets to conduct security searches at building and compound entrances.e.g. walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, under vehicle search mirror etc

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